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Dowleys provide full MOT testing services and facilities for a wide range of vehicles.


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Why choose Dowleys for your MOT?

We aim to get your vehicle through its MOT as quickly as possible. We provide tests by appointment only, but you are welcome to use our waiting area while enjoying a coffee and taking advantage of the free WiFi.

If your vehicle fails to pass the MOT test, we will aim to fix it the same day (provided the parts are available) and we are very well equipped to deal with any necessary repairs which may be identified during your test.

A test usually takes between 45 minutes to one hour to complete.

What’s the best way to pass an MOT?

Most MOT failures are down to the simplest of things. A blown bulb or a worn windscreen wiper.

Such things can be easily avoided if we take the time to do a pre-MOT inspection ourselves beforehand.

Changing lightbulbs and windscreen wiper blades is well within the capabilities of most of us yet during a previous survey carried out, out of 2,106,946 MOT tests carried out 580,754 failed first time. Here we present a chart of the most common MOT failures.

As we can see the biggest reason for failure was lighting. A blown bulb! How hard is it to change a bulb?

Check the tax/mot status of your vehicle

Check the status of your vehicles Road Tax & MOT and when it is due at the governments own website.

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The most common reasons for MOT failures

  • Lights – 271,567
  • Tyres and Wheels – 155,489
  • Impaired Visibility – 120,095
  • Brakes – 110,327
  • Steering & Suspension – 99,798
  • Fuel & Emissions – 23,634
  • Reg Plates & VIN – 19,047
  • Seat Belts – 11,271
  • Others – 11,115
  • Bodywork & Structure – 7,705
  • Road Wheels – 5,746
  • Drive System – 656
  • Driving Controls – 183
  • TOTAL – 836,633

Examples of MOT work

  • Car MOT testing

    Car MOT testing

  • Motorhome MOT testing

    Motorhome MOT testing

  • Trike MOT Testing

    Trike MOT Testing

  • Quad MOT Testing

    Quad MOT Testing

  • Motorcycle MOT Testing

    Motorcycle MOT Testing

  • Truck MOT Testing

    Truck MOT Testing