From £99 + VAT

Motorbike Servicing

Regularly servicing your motorbike will allow you to get the best performance from it whenever you take it for a ride.

It will also flag up any mechanical or electric problems as well as replacing or topping up essential fluids including oil and engine coolant. A well-maintained bike will last longer, perform better and ultimately be a safer machine.


What's included in a bike service

  • Check the radiator and hoses
  • Check the battery
  • Check tyre treads and pressure
  • Check and lubricate chain
  • Check the brake pads and callipers
  • Check the lights and controls
  • Change the engine oil
  • Change the oil filter
  • Top up the antifreeze

Servicing for all makes of motorbikes

We can take care of motorcycle servicing and maintenance requirements for all makes and models, including, but not limited to BMW, Buell, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Indian, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Victory and Yamaha.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest computerised diagnostic equipment to check all components of your motorcycle. If there are any faults or issues, we can provide high quality replacement parts to ensure your motorbike continues to run as smoothly as possible.

Motorbike Servicing Pricing

Includes motorbikes, mopeds, quads and trikes.

What's Included? Oil6000 miles /
6 months
Interim12000 miles /
12 months
Full24000 miles /
24 months
Motorbikes / Mopeds / Quads / Trikes < 125cc £99.00 + VAT £173.96 + VAT £238.96 + VAT
Motorbikes / Mopeds / Quads / Trikes > 125cc £129.96 + VAT £193.96 + VAT £258.96 + VAT

Check horn working correctly
Check lights working correctly
Check headlamp alignment    
Check number plates
Check reflectors
Check fuel cap for sealing
Check for body damage
Lubricate locks & levers  

Check for warning lights displayed on instrumental panel
Report any fault codes  

Check battery condition  

Centre/Side Stand Switch  
Rear Suspension    
Taper head bearing    
Front forks    
Check condition & security of steering components    
Check vehicle frame and structure for corrosion  

Chain, sprockets/Drive belts  
Chain guide  
Adjust chain    
Lube chain guide  
Check driveshaft components condition & security    
Check wheel bearings for rotational noise & free play    

Check Radiator, cooling system for leaks
Check & Top Up Coolant change every 2 years*  
Check & tighten coolant hose clamps    

Visual Check Brake pads rear (disc)
Visual Check Brake pads front (disc)
Visual Check Brake Fluid (DOT 4) change every 2 years *
Check Brake caliper & seals front    
Check Brake hose front    
Check Brake caliper & seals rear    
Check Brake hose rear    
Check operation of Brake system
Check Brake master cylinder front/rear

Air Filter replacement if required    
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Spark Plug replacement if required    
Check for engine oil/gearbox oil leaks

Clutch cable adjustment  
Check Clutch fluid

Check Tyres for Depth & Condition
Adjust Tyre Pressures if required  

Check Throttle operation
Check fuel system for leaks, corrosion & security
Fuel Filter if fitted  
Idle Speed
Secondary-air system, air intake valve    

Check exhaust system for leaks, security & noise

Road Test