Servicing for all makes & models of trailers

Dowleys offer trailer servicing for all types of trailers, from commercial and plant trailers to agricultural trailers and horseboxes.

Our garage in Carterton is fully equipped to service all makes and models of trailers, carry out repairs and supply replacement parts for popular trailer manufacturers.


Why choose Dowleys for trailer servicing?

  • Full servicing on all makes / models and sizes of trailers.
  • Schedule to include:
  • Chassis / bed / run ups condition.
  • Tow hitches / balls
  • Braking and auto reverse systems
  • Bearings, full lubrication and adjustments
  • Checking of shackles / u bolts / fixings.
  • Full electrical testing, lighting system/winch operation checks
  • Tyres wheel studs/nuts and all moving parts.
  • Road testing on completion.
  • All types of repairs, replacement parts and welding carried out.
  • Most popular parts in stock including Ifor Williams and PRG

Servicing for all makes of trailers

We service, maintain and carry out safety checks on all makes and types of trailers, from your small single axle camping trailer through to 3.5 ton tri-axle recovery and horsebox trailers.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians use the latest  equipment to check all components of your trailer. If there are any faults or issues, we can provide high quality replacement parts to ensure your trailer continues to operate as smoothly as possible.

Trailer Service Checklist Single Axle Trailers Double & Tri-Axle Trailers / Horsebox Trailers

Check operation of lights
Check lights working correctly
Check junction boxes & connectors
Check 7pin / 13pin plugs and sockets
Check reflectors
Check operation of winch, if fitted

Check ball hitch coupling
Check ball hitch locking device
Check draw bar
Check lynch pins & safety clips
Check loading ramps
Lubricate locks & levers
Check number plate
Check for body damage
Check operation of doors, locks & hinges (box trailers)
Check vehicle frame and structure for corrosion

Check hydraulic lifting pump
Check hydraulic lifting ram
Check hydraulic fluid levels, top up if required

Check axle bushes (1, 2 & 3 axles)
Check road springs, if fitted
Check road spring shackles, if fitted
Check axle mounting plates & securing bolts

Visual check brake shoes
Visual check brake drums
Visual check brake cylinders & adjusters, adjust if required
Check & adjust wheel bearings
Check hub nuts, replace if required *additional part cost
Check brake cables & rods, adjust if required
Check brake swivels
Check breakaway safety cable

Check tyres for depth & condition
Check spare tyre for depth & condition
Adjust tyre pressures if required
Check condition of wheel nuts & torque to spec
Check conditon of road wheels

Road Test