Selling or Part Exchanging Your Car To Dowleys

Common Questions

Can I part-exchange my car if it's still on finance?

Yes, you can part-exchange a car on finance as long as you make sure to bring a copy of your current settlement letter from your lender.

 Can I keep my private registration plate when part-exchanging?

Before you sell your car you’ll need to place your private plate on retention and have a new registration number issued. Your V5 logbook will also need to match the new registration details.

 I can't find my V5. Can I still sell my car?

You’ll need to request a new V5C from the DVLA, we can still purchase your car but we may require additional information.

 What happens with my road tax and insurance when I sell my car?

You’ll get an automatic refund from the DVLA for any unused period of road tax. You also need to cancel your insurance policy directly with your insurer.

 Why sell your car to Dowleys?

Dowleys provide a free, expert valuation for a fair and competitive price on your car, offer a quick and hassle-free selling process, arrange immediate payment upon price agreement, and conveniently collect your vehicle from your home or workplace at a time that suits you.

 How do I sell my car to Dowleys?

To sell your car to Dowleys, simply undergo our free, expert valuation for a competitive offer, enjoy a quick and hassle-free transaction, receive immediate payment once the price is agreed upon, and take advantage of our convenient vehicle collection service from your home or workplace.