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Letting fallen leaves accumulate on your car can spoil your paintwork, as they contain acids which, when mixed with water and sunlight, can cause permanent damage to paint.

Leaves can also collect under the bonnet, and in body crevices and vents, which can restrict airflow. If you ignore them they could rot and rust your car, as well as negatively affecting the air supply to the inside of the car.

Bird droppings

Most people know that bird droppings deface your car, however it’s a common misbelief that it’s the acid in the droppings that causes the damage. The damage is actually down to cooling paint lacquer, that contracts and hardens around the droppings. This can result in dulled or etched paintwork.

To prevent damage you should clean bird droppings off your car as soon as possible. 

Road salt

In the winter, salt and grit can speed up rusting, because salt attracts water and increases the electrical conductivity of water, which accelerates corrosion. To fend off any potential damage you should wash your car regularly during the winter, paying particular attention to wheel arches and sills. This is because if there is mud stuck to the underside of cars it can soak up salt-laden spray and speed up corrosion.


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