There can be much confusion when it comes to the right type of tyre for your vehicle. Below we will explore the different types of tyres, what each types are good for and when they should be used. 

So, what tyres for my car? Let's find out...


What tyres for my car are the best for the summer? The answer is the summer tyre. This tyre should be used when the temperature exceeds 7°C. This is because they guarantee a high grip to both wet and dry road surfaces. They also provide greater stability during the hotter weather, so are the safest tyres to use. 


This tyre is best for incredibly cold temperatures as they will not harden. They maintain a strong grip on icy and freezing roads. The rubber compound easily copes with temperatures of -7°C, without losing flexibility. Therefore in the winter be sure to use winter tyres. 


This tyre is widely used in European climates that have relatively mild winters. They are suitable for both summer and winter use, if the temperatures remain moderate. There is very little risk of hydroplaning in wet weather and the car retains its firm grip in warmer weather


The best tyre after suffering a puncture is the runflat tyre. They are probably the safest tyre on the road. They are designed with a reinforced sidewall that gives shape to the tyre, even following a puncture. This type of tyre is also useful for those who do long commutes on uneven road surfaces. 


Many people now drive 4x4s including the Audi Q4 right through to the Landrover Discovery. If you drive a 4x4, or other off road vehicle, then ideally you should be using 4x4 tyres. These tyres are bigger and have greater traction on the road. 


Van tyres are designed with toughness in mind, and to carry extremely heavy loads. Van tyres also have a specific tyre tread of 1.6mm to comply with UK law. Therefore if you own a van, you need to use van tyres. Not doing so could cost you as much as £2500 for each tyre in fines. Using the correct van tyres will help you to break safely and keep your van safely on he road. 


It is very important that your caravan's tyres meet the specific requirements of your chosen make and model. Tyre weight plays an important role, as the load capacity of the tyres should meet the maximum weight needs of the caravan. Tread depth also needs to be at 1.6mm or the driver could face fines and penalty charges.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having the right type of tyres for your vehicle; depending upon the season, weather conditions and where you wish to drive. To check which type of tyres for your car based on your registration click here .