An MOT check is an annual check cars that are over three years old. This process might seem like a waste of time and money, but it plays a big role in ensuring that the cars are roadworthy and safe. To pass the test, you should ensure that all the car’s critical components meet the legal safety standards set by the ministry of transport.

Therefore if you want to pass an MOT, you should take good care of your car and ensure all the important components are in good shape and are serviced regularly. For this, you need to have a trusted mechanic who will check your car and make sure that it meets the standards required by MOT. Below are some areas to always pay attention to with your trusted mechanics.


Ensure all the lights (headlamps, reverse lights, indicators, registration plate lights and parking lights) are fitted with the correct bulbs. They should be of the required colour and work perfectly. To ensure you pass your MOT check, your mechanic can check the lights and tighten or replace the bulbs if there is any flickering.


  • Always ensure the wipers clean the windscreen effectively for a clear view when driving. Therefore, you should replace damaged rubbers and ensure the washers are filled.
  • Ensure the windscreen is in perfect condition. The windscreen should not have chips and cracks larger than a 5p coin. Also, remove all stickers that are in the driver’s line of sight.


  • Ensure the tyres are of the right shape and size. If you are using a spare tyre, replace it with the standard required tyre before the MOT test.
  • The depth should not be less than 1.6mm throughout the central three-quarters of the tyre pattern.
  • Check for noticeable lumps and cuts on the tyre walls that could render your car unfit to pass MOT check.


Ensure the condition of the registration plate is good and is well secured to the car. The letters and numbers should be well visible from at least 20 meters away. Also, ensure you have the correct fonts as required by traffic laws and regulations.


Ensure the doors open freely without and close firmly, and you can open them from the outside and the inside.


Check the levels of the brake fluid and oil to ensure they are filled up before the MOT check. Having sufficient levels is a requirement for some tests to be conducted.


Check for signs of excessive corrosion and damage. Ensure the structure of the vehicle does not endanger other road users.


Brakes are some of the most important components that ensure safety. Ensure the foot and hand brake work perfectly. Examine the disks and note any scoring and warping so that they may be changed before the MOT check.

Since your car should be in perfect condition in order to pass the MOT test, you should ensure that everything works perfectly. In addition to the parts above, there are many other things that you need to monitor before taking your vehicle for the MOT check, including mirrors, horns, the steering wheel, seatbelts, and even the fuel system. BRING YOUR CAR to our trusted Dowleys garage and we will ensure your car is in perfect condition to pass an MOT.