Handing over your car for servicing in a garage is a great gesture of trust. Granted there's a considerable number of car garages out there that provide substandard services, it is important that you take your time before settling on a garage you are certain won't disappoint you by either doing a mediocre job or by making grand errors that lead to more costs. Having criteria that guide the selection process will make this process far easier as you'll know exactly what you're looking for. The following is a list of five things you should look out for when choosing a car service garage.


1. Experience


Looking for experience might seem like the most obvious thing to look out for, but there's more to it. It's one thing if a mechanic has been servicing cars for 25 years and quite another if a car garage has been in existence for the same length of time. The number of years a garage has been in operation doesn't necessarily mean that it is a great establishment as it might have employed several mechanics during that time frame. You'll have more confidence in a mechanic with 25 years' experience as you're sure he has seen it all before and knows what he is doing.


2. Good recommendations


Never underestimate the power of good recommendations as they could save you a lot of avoidable hassles. Make an effort to make inquiries amongst your family and friends about the experiences they've had with the various car service garages in your area and which ones stood out regarding both customer service and excellent work. Garages that rank highly on both accounts should be shortlisted for consideration.


3. Good online reviews


If you don't find recommendations from family and friends to be sufficient then you can go online and find which car garages are highly rated; all you need is the right blog. Dowleys, for instance, is renowned for its excellent service both regarding how they handle cars as well as their customers. Pay more attention to consumer reviews as their information is more reliable.


4. Fair prices


Prices that are too cheap raise questions regarding the quality of service you're getting. Very high prices, on the other hand, are wasteful because you might get the same service for less and might also want to save that money. What you should be looking for are great services that are fairly priced. Compile a list of suitable car garages and compare their prices. The one with the fair prices is the right choice.


5. Well organised and clean


Given all the grease they have to deal with, finding a spotless garage is rather impractical. On the other hand, it's important that car garages maintain a standard level of cleanliness and organisation instead of being filthy and messy. You'll be certain that a clean, organised garage won't lose any parts or use wrong parts. You can also comfortably wait while your vehicle is being serviced.