Why pickup trucks are popular among people living in the UK

Pickup trucks are at the moment experiencing a boom in popularity here in the UK. There is so much growth of pickup sales in the UK that we have become Europe’s top market for mid-sized trucks in the recent years. The numbers are growing each day, and several big manufacturers have predicted a growth of at least 10% of the commercial vehicle market in the UK this year.
Most common pickup trucks in the market
The range of pickups in the market has never been this big. However, this only makes the problem of finding the preferred pickup for your business or your personal use trickier. Here are the most popular pickup trucks in the UK right now:

• Fiat Fullback pickup
• Mitsubishi L200 pickup
• Isuzu D-Max pickup 
• Nissan Navara pickup
• Toyota Hilux pickup
• Renault Alaskan pickup
• Ford Ranger pickup
• Volkswagen Amarok pickup

Why pickup trucks are popular
In particular, the American pickups have an intricate blend of power and comfort. Although you will see them traversing through construction sites while fully loaded, they come with trendy hand-stitched leather seats and interiors, and a long list of incredible technologies including massage seats, touch-screen media centres, and park assist that comes with both rear and front cameras.
It is evident that with time other serious competitors will join the market with Mercedes planning to launch a luxury pickup truck. The X-Class should be on sale by late 2017. Mercedes wishes to test the market and improve this model before they confront the big names that are Ford, Fiat Chrysler, and General Motors.

Why people prefer pickup trucks to vans

Load capacity
Most people use pickup trucks to pull trailers and oversized loads. Although these loads may not be everyday stuff, pickups are still useful for everyday driving. You probably have heard of a “gooseneck” or a “fifth wheel” hitch. These trailer hitches are very much superior to bumper pull units. A pickup can do so many things that a van just cannot do.

With a pickup truck, you will not encounter height limitations. You can load 10ft tall pallets into the back of your pickup comfortably. If you try to do that with a van, or even a u-haul type truck, you will not have enough space at the door. The clearance of a u-haul is up to 8ft.

Rear visibility
You can effortlessly tow a trailer using a pickup since it has a better rear visibility and its bed weighs much less compared to the van body. This means that more weight can put on the tongue (the rear axle) of a pickup from the trailer.

There are some pickup models such as the F150, RAM 1500, and Chevy Silverado that have a plusher car like interiors compared to any van in the market. Also, the market perceives the pickups as personal vehicles; vans are more of business vehicles.