A good shoot may mean different things to different people, but the suitability of a location is one aspect that is critical. Shooting game is a sport that continues to take new shape each day and gain a larger following. Oxfordshire has several private shoots that make for excellent choices. What characterises a good shoot location varies on a wide scale from the organisation to the hosts to the menus. Also, bear in mind many locations need a 4x4 for the shoot itself. Traditional shoot locations still hold a high regard for guests who enjoy the old-school feel that comes with historic houses and layouts that pose a shooting challenge. Here are some of the best private shoots in Oxfordshire.




The shoot sprawls over 2,500 acres and is in the Ridgeways valleys near Wantage where you get a unique topography that consists of steep banks and wide valleys that offer comprehensive drives for both real and simulated shoots. Guests get bags from 150 to 300, pheasant and partridge. The shoot uses a special gun bus for guests.



The 2,500 acre Nettlebed Estate is in South Oxfordshire, 5 miles from Henley-on-Thames. One unique feature of the shoot is it's entirely rural atmosphere though it is only a few miles from Central London. The family-owned shoot provides a variety of drives to suit different requirements. There are 200 bird days, most of them pheasant, but guests can get a few partridge. Loaders are available on request and drives are pegged (9). It's recomended to bring a 4x4 or two, depending on the size of the shooting party.


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The sprawling mansion is on a 12,000-acre land located in West Oxfordshire. You will find that some of the most respected guns shoot at Blenheim and guests can either be invited or pay. The shoot offers pheasant and partridge of high quality in an expansive countryside with the perfect scenery for a day of shooting. There are adjoining facilities to the Palace that provide accommodation of shooting parties with special rates available for those in Woodstock hotels. There is a Head Keeper available on a daily basis while loaders are supplied as needed. Shoots are driven.



The traditional family estate is in Burford with well-maintained woodlands and game cover crops. There are wild and reared game birds, and guests get all type of days. 28 different drives are available with bag sizes that range from 250 to 500. Lunch is provided at a local inn or laid out in the field. Accommodation is arranged in some of the local inns.


When going on a driven shoot, the type of transport used is essential to success, and a 4X4 the best choice by far. A 4x4 is capable, practical and provides comfort on a driven shoot. Breaks from shooting are critical and a four-wheel drive provides a comfortable stop where the back can be opened up and used for grabbing a hot cup of tea. A 4x4 is important because it can handle all types of terrain in any weather and has an interior that can accommodate gun cases or a mini fridge.